Take Heart

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.
Ps 31:24

Giving him up this time around was even harder than the first. Even the car ride over drummed up all the emotions from the first surgery… then add the love that has grown exponentially the 6 months… I have a feeling this post may have a lot “….” as I attempt to find the right words and not delay posting the updates any further. But ultimately we rest assured, because he is in God’s hands – fearfully and wonderfully made.

IMG_5322Our morning started at 5am – really we aren’t sure we ever had much of a night. We gave him a pre-op bath, placed med cream on his incision area twice, administered normal meds and then woke him for his final feeding at 2am before the required fasting. Then at 4am he gulped up a little pedialyte snack. We moved up his AM meds to 4m and 5am, packed the car and headed out.

We are so thankful W rested well last night, sleep eating through his feedings and then sacked it out all the way to the waiting room this morning! Winston really embodied the first part of Ps 31:24 and was strong this morning during his Pre-Op procedures. His mom and dad on the other hand… well, we will continue to take heart and place our hope in the Lord. It was a blessing that every time we were overwhelmed, he flashed a smile or blurted out some joyful baby noise. He definitely kept us from getting too serious and put a smile on our face in one way or another (or should I say out one end or the other).

They first reported Winston went under anesthesia very well. We were comforted that this happens before all the lines and iv’s are placed. With his heart condition (and all the chunky rolls!), he is “a hard stick” and this is his (and mom’s) least favorite part of check ups or procedures. The second update let us know that the Dr. Obrien would be in soon to start the surgery. The last update we received was the half-way point and Winston transitioned to the heart-lung bypass machine smoothly. It took awhile to work through the scar tissue that builds up from the Norwood (surgery #1) but they have removed the shunt. Next step is to replace the shunt and reroute the blood flow.

We appreciate all your prayers (and patience on the posts!)