Hello World!

Winston’s warrior buddy has arrived! Get the full rundown and update…


True to the style of what I am learning to be a HLHS baby, God and Tanner John worked out a game plan for his arrival that none of us were expecting at all! Fairly early yesterday morning, 5-23-15, I woke up to fairly rhythmic contractions, ones that I couldn’t make myself sleep though anymore!  Decided to get up and try changing my activity to see if they were still just practice contractions, got into the shower, thinking that I would just get up and be ready for the day.  When this activity failed to change the amount and timing of the contractions that I was having, I called the nurse.  Fortunately, I had been staying at the hotel in the hospital, so it was no big deal when they told me to gather my stuff and come into triage to check out what was going on.  I packed up…

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One thought on “Hello World!

  1. Great story. Will be praying for them! Thanks. Hope you guys are well!!!

    Linda Corcoran Sent from my iPhone


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