The Other Side of the Story; A Father’s Perspective

It would have taken me all day to get ready to leave… well done TJ Wyssmann! So glad you got to hang out with him last night… ‪#‎PressOnWarrior‬


When the phone rang right at 6am, I knew that something was going on.  I told my wife, you just don’t call a guy at 6 am for no good reason.  When she told me that she was headed in to triage because she was contracting regularly, I started looking for Scotty to beam me to Michigan.  I started looking through flights, my mind spinning around the things that still needed to be done at home to enable me to be gone.  I have never mowed the lawn, prepared the pool, and packed my bags so quickly in my life.  Within 2 hours time I had my house ready to leave and my kids, my parents, and myself on the road to my wife and my son.  Rationalization in my brain said that I wasn’t going to make it in time, hope in my heart kept telling me to try…

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